Why a Blog about Sodastream?

Why a blog about Sodastream?

Because it has enhanced our lives, and I know it can make your life better.

I'm not kidding. Let me explain.

We are a family of 5 living in New England. My wife, Pinkie (more on that later), loves sparkling water. It's ALL she drinks. I was never much of a fan - plain tap water is fine with me, thank you.

But I was still the one who was constantly dragging home plastic or glass bottles full of sparkling water from the grocery store. At best we were buying water for $.99/bottle, drinking at least one a day, and then taking those bottles back to the recycling center. When I think of all the fuel involved in transporting all that water from wherever it was bottles to us? Ugh. Not to mention money we spent on gas, our time, and my physical labor involved. When she was pregnant, she would literally order me to drive to the grocery store, fill the trunk of the car with water bottles, and bring it home - and spending $50 or $60 for the privilege.

Then, four years ago, Pinkie heard about these new at-home soda makers and asked for one for Christmas. I researched a few, found one that I thought might work for us, and took a chance.

That decision has saved us hundreds of dollars, it has saved me from hauling bottles of water around - and, best of all - it makes my wife happy.

Now, we never run out of sparkling water. And at about 25 cents per bottle, it's 75% cheaper than the best deals at the grocery store.

We have made hundreds (maybe thousands) of bottles of water with our Sodastream, and it still works perfectly. We have given to family members for Christmas. Neighbors and friends who have seen them think they are fantastic. My 6 year old mixes it with his orange juice, and my wife mixes it with her white wine. The kids can even make their own soft drinks with Sodastream's mixes (root beer, anyone?).

If you drink sparkling water should have one of these - and there are models for every budget.

Do yourself and the environment a favor - get a Sodastream!