Which Model Do I Want?

There are 4 models of Sodastream, and which you choose depends entirely on your taste. See below for reviews of each and a comparison chart. But we know that whichever you get, you will love it!

Sodastream Pure

This is the perfect marriage of form and function. It is constructed of stainless steel (to go with all those appliances in your kitchen), and has a sleek design that looks great on your counterop. The starter kit includes the Sodastream machine, two BPA-free bottles, and a full carbonator.

Sodastream Penguin

The most stylish choice, the Pengiun looks fantastic on a your bar. The bottles are glass, but they are smaller at 20oz. You also get two carbonators with this kit.

Sodastream Genesis

This kit is the best balance of form and function. The machine is plastic, but still looks great (I have one at work). Comes with two 1-liter, BPA-free bottles, and they also sometimes come with a sample set of flavors. Also available in red!

Sodatream Fountain Jet

This is what we've had at home for four years. It still works just like new, and it's the best value in the line. It may not be as pretty as the others, but it does its job admirably and didn't break the bank.